Capatil ship of the edan project


Capatil ship of the edan project. build to move humanity accross the stars , So large and heavy that it has its own gravity. all the ship of the edan project have the same desin , The hyperion has special area for the leaders of humanity. The ship is named after the greek Titan , its name means God of light, as the ship is the light and hope of everyone. leading us too our new home.

the ship is 700K long 120k tall at it highest point , most places 60k and 230k at its widest place. its carrys many smalles ships and have 200, hypersleep cargo bays. as it cargo is people. each of the 200 bays are massive in size and holds 500,000 sleepers,

with are limpted Faster than light drives, we must make many shorts jump to travel to our new home. which is 13 light years away. each jump sends us 62 AU “1 Astronomical Unit = 149 598 000 kilometers or 92,956,000 mile. “So we jump 5,763,272,000 miles every jump. form the sun to past the Kuiper belt. in one jump. After evey jump there is a 1 day charge up on the jump drive and 3 days as the jump computer work out our next jump and sync with the other ships. even with jumping. and doing 7 jump a month, for a total of 84 in a year. traviling 5208 AU , it will still take us. 180 years to reach our new home. In order to do this with out aging the crew considerably. after the first jump. 99% of the ship crew will go into hypersleep. and command of the ship will be transfred to the flight crews. each flight crew will man the ship for 2 years and than change over with the next crew. with 100 people man each flight crew, broken into 5 teams. each in there own crew seaction. tell its there turn to take command of the ship15 different flight crews and 5 back up crews , each crew will have 3 rotations.

To aid the crew., the ship’s have 100 of AI computer core across the ship taking care of most of the tasks. the crew always has the final say with the computer. with all the AI core working toughter it alowes for a very small flight crew for the size of each ship.



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