We out grew our home. The earth could no longer support what we as humanity have grown too. It is the year 2345, and earth is running out of time and resources, we reached 100 billion people on earth 100 years ago. Trying to reduce the strain on dwelling supplies. The governments of the world put a large scale plan to increase the size of the mars colony and to turn the mining bases on the asteroid belt into livable cities. 50 years later earth is struggling to survive, although we had moved, 60 billion people to the new colony to include 3 moons of Saturn. The popution growth was still too quick to combat with relocation. There are 80 billion people left on earth and 100 billion across all of the colony. War over the little recourses left on earth are Constance. and food and water shortages are common place. 2435 , earth is gone Burn and blasted apart over the last drop of water, after years of people dying from starvation , and the over work colony, earth our home is nothing but dust taking the 60 billion people still living on it. But the sadness of earth passing is only a fading thought, we the colony of earth can’t survive as we were now. We try once before sending ships to a distance star to start over but nothing was every head from them. We lack a reliable way to travel in deep space, But in desperate time, We have one hope. The edan project. the 5 largest ship ever built. each in there own right moving hive citys. Large enough to move million of people and everything needed to start over.